Day 1174

Well, the tail end of yesterday was not so bad. I got my sheets re-washed and dried so I had fresh sheets even if they weren’t line dried. Then I spent a good bit of time writing or trying to write on my story, using the ‘I never want anyone to see me ever again’ feeling as my hook back in. I was actually kind of proud of myself for taking something that made me feel bad and using it to kick-start a project.

Emily is still doing really well in school. So far she has turned in everything on time and the only place she is not making an “A” is her computer class. She can type faster than anyone else in the class… but she can’t write down the letters where they are on the keyboard. Which means that she’s internalized it to the point that she doesn’t remember with her mind where they are, she remembers with her fingers. This is a good thing… except that right now, they’re being tested on where the keys are.

I just discovered that, if I change my LJ journal style, I can’t get this one back because it’s a paid style. Dreck. So I’ll leave it as is because I’m not going back to a paid account. That’s just a waste of money for very little.

On the money front, I need to be listing some things on ebay. I’m getting more hours at work but I’ve got a set of fabrics that will be coming in at my local quilt shop that I really want to get… totally unnecessary, of course… and I think I should find the money to pay for them when they do get here from somewhere besides the household budget. I also need to add money to paypal because Eliz is sending me her car insurance payments to there and if I spend anything out of it, I need to replace it.

Now to put a roast in the crockpot, clean the kitchen and see about finishing this chapter. It’s going to be the hardest because I’m not sure just what to say and what to leave out. I’ve got to cover a good bit of time… although I might shorten that… and show some interactions. Question is, how much? And what kinds? This is going to bear some thinking about since I want the story to advance but not jump.

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