Day 1171 No Nookie for You!

Political rant- possibly not work safe and possibly not for children

I keep reading about politicians in the republican party and the tea party who want to take away freedoms for women. Today, I heard one man who thinks we should all vote to take voting away from women. He also thinks it shouldn’t be wrong to hit women. And then there’s the ‘take away birth control’ contingent and ‘take away the option to have an abortion’ people even if not having an abortion will result in the death of both the mother and the child (“Hum, we can save one at the expense of the other. Nope, do nothing, they can both die.” Does this sound pro-life to you?) or in cases of rape or incest. Because if you get pregnant, it’s not really rape. ‘Women’s bodies can shut that shit down’.

Well I say, we as women can shut this shit down.

The only reason women need birth control is to sleep with men with whom they do not wish to have a child. So, unless you’re trying to get pregnant, no nookie for anyone who is trying to limit birth control or who opposes abortion in extreme cases or who wants to take away our vote or any other liberties we should have as humans. (Although why you would want to have a child with a Neanderthal is beyond me.)

Something I notice- most of these events have a pair of people involved, one of them male. I don’t see anyone standing up and saying that men have to take care of the children they father. It’s all on the women. And it’s not about abortion or birth control (do you really want us to stop sleeping with you, guys?) it’s about control, period. If we’re ‘whores’ for wanting birth control so we can have sex, just exactly who do you think we’re having sex with? If it was each other, we wouldn’t need the damned birth control in the first place. So there are at least as many men out there who are ‘whores’- I don’t see anyone trying to punish them for sleeping around.

So let’s have a little equality. Women shouldn’t be equal? Why is that, exactly? We haven’t written as many books or won as many Nobel prizes? Who do you think was keeping daily life running and raising the children while those books were written or those prizes won? How far would you men get without the support of women?

Shall we try it and find out?

Notice:I don’t hate men. I hate people who want to make me a second class citizen so that they can control me. If you’re a man but you don’t agree with the views that are currently being bandied about by the conservative parties, you’re my friend. And you should get all the nookie you want.

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One Response to Day 1171 No Nookie for You!

  1. Oh God, Wren. For some reason, this: “Although why you would want to have a child with a Neanderthal is beyond me.” struck me as impossibly funny. I’m laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. And I snorted.

    “And you should get all the nookie you want” is pretty good too. 😀

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