Day 1163

This has been a really nice evening.

I made Marchand de Vin sauce and steak and after dinner we followed it up with Black Cat coffee and Cinnamon Buns ice cream. For the record, the sauce is best (so far) when made with Red Decadence wine. The chocolate adds something. (Okay, it was that or Bitch and I know Bitch makes the sauce too sweet.)

Our Lush box got here today so I had a fresh shampoo bar and a fresh bar of conditioner for my shower- lovely!

And I read the first six chapters of LM Bujold’s new book <i>Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance</i>, that being all that’s available for free. The free section ends with Ivan bellowing “Unhand Lady Vopatril!” and he doesn’t mean his mother. I want to read this so, so bad and the book won’t be out until November.

And now I’m going to post the next section of the story and go watch some <i>Being Human</i> before falling into bed.

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