Day 1161

I’m having a little issue with my air conditioning. It’s working but it seems to be running ALL the time, even when it’s already at temperature. That can’t be right… I’m hoping it’s not much of anything as I really can’t afford another expensive repair. (Ok- it just switched off- whew!) I am going to replace the filter today and see if that doesn’t help things out.

Also, there were tentative plans to grill this weekend- 80s grilling because I just so don’t grill- but it looks like we’re going to be rained out and I’m not one of those insane people who grill in the rain.

Mom’s doing better. When I got home she had washed her dishes and prepped a huge batch of okra for me to bag up and freeze. This would be better news if I wasn’t dead tired of okra. I never liked it much, I don’t cook it well (in my opinion) and we’ve had it at least once a week all summer without making much of a dent in the supply.

Work is about to get annoying. They keep giving me more to do without giving me more time to do it and expecting that I’ll be able to be doing two things in two different places at the same time. So I’m implementing a policy of working steadily without trying to rush and get it all done. If it doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done. I’m also concerned because our floral manager is transferring to another store and I am hoping that floral doesn’t get dumped in my lap. I can fill in for floral when no one else is there but I have no idea how to do the paperwork or the ordering and I would be at a total loss for designing weddings or holidays or anything like that. In other words- I’m not a florist, I have no interest in being a florist and I’m going to dig in my heels if Eddie tries to dump it on me like he did fruit. And yes, that’s a distinct possibility.

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