Day 1150

I am feeling much better, thank you everyone for good thoughts.

Because I have been too extravagant (Rainbow Star Quilt), I have some things up on Ebay right now. They’re mostly things suitable for guys since these are some I got for 80s that I’m not going to keep for him any more. I’ll probably be listing other things that I like but can live without because it would be nice to pay off this dental work faster.

The weather has been turning better here- for the last two days it has rained- 4+ inches- and now it’s turned off cooler which I love. I have designs on quilting in my quilting room this evening.

Somehow, my webshots page has been very popular this week!

Pumpkin Cappuccino is back at the convenience store- yay! I know it’s not real cappuccino but I love it anyway.

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