Day 1149

Holy sh*t!

If you guys have never cooked a chicken in a crockpot, you totally have to try it. I dumped one whole raw chicken in the crockpot before work this morning, set it on low and went away. 10 hours later, I turned it off and took it out to let it cool a little before slicing it for dinner. Erase-and-correct: I tried to lift it out- it fell apart. It was still cohesive enough for me to slice a bit for dinner but when I went to pull the meat off the bones after dinner, it just fell off and the whole thing fell to bits. It took me maybe 10 minutes to pull all the meat out and it was the perfect consistency for chicken salad (tomorrow’s dinner). Slicing up the grapes took longer! So dinner for tomorrow is made and all the bones-and are back in the crockpot to simmer overnight into chicken stock for chicken noodle soup on Saturday. So, one crockpot chicken= 3 fast, easy dinners that family adores.

Total win.

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