Day 1148

I had plans for an easy Friday. The universe laughs at my plans.

I got done with work early because they told me they needed me up front… then when I got up front, they said they didn’t need me. I asked Eddie and he told me to go home as soon as I watered the plants in floral. So I got to school to pick Emily up from Drama Club early. Well, I decided to go in and watch the practice for the last bit… and drama club was going on but my child was not there.


So I go hunting all over the school for her… eventually I find her and discover that drama club is not allowing middle schoolers this year, only high school students. So she’s been lying to me about where she is and what she’s doing every Friday afternoon since school started. (What she has been doing is innocuous enough- she’s been sitting on the side steps talking to her friends. Which I would have allowed! But I do need to know where she is and what she is doing at all times)

So, for the lie, she got herself grounded from the computer this evening. She told me that she was going to go get a coke at Mom’s house… and then half an hour later, I went over to take Mom dinner and check on her. I thought she might have decided to stay and visit… no, she was never there. I fixed Mom dinner and a drink because even if my child has been kidnapped or run away, Mom has to have her drink. (I also fed the animals who can be excused on the theory that they don’t know I’m having a problem)

So I spend a panicked hour looking for her down every road in all directions with no luck. For those of you who don’t know, my house is in a heavily wooded area… so she could be anywhere! And there have been reports of a bear, and there are rattlesnakes… and acres and acres of trees that she could have had an accident and not be able to get out of the woods to be found. Plus all the human dangers and two railroad tracks… I thought of seven different ways she could be dead in that hour. And night was coming on- so I came home intending to start calling her friends on the off chance that one of them might have heard something and she was here. Apparently the “I need to know where you are in case there is an emergency” lecture on the way home didn’t really sink in very well.

So that lovely space of time I had cleared for myself tonight? Gone. And it happens every damned time I manage to clear a couple of hours. (Ok, it doesn’t- it just feels like it.) I swear, if my family doesn’t start cutting me a little slack, I’m going to run away. (Heads up, zenkitty!)

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