Day 1146

One of yesterday’s projects was to wash all the things. Besides the regular laundry, I needed to wash the quilts I’ll be taking to the county fair Thursday. And yesterday was one of those days that it was practically perfect for hanging clothes out to dry- a bit warm, sunny and slightly breezy with not as much humidity as we usually have here. The first load I washed took two and a half hours for the machine to cycle. So I took the hoses off and drained them and then looked at the cold intake on the back of the machine.

It was almost completely clogged with rust and debris- I assume from when we had the pump changed. So I cleaned it out with a paint brush handle and reconnected the hoses- now it only takes 30 minutes to wash a load of clothes so I did get everything washed and mostly dried before dark.

Having gotten all that done yesterday, the only things I have to do today are fix food for everyone, list a few more things on Ebay and quilt.

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