Day 1143

Has it really been three days since I updated? I don’t count the quilt patterns so I guess it has.

Mostly, I’ve been quilting. I’ve been working on Granny’s quilt on the frame, I’ve been piecing on Robert’s Trees before work and at lunch and while I’m watching Mom eat her dinner and I spent yesterday before work de-furring Don’t Go Out A-Lone Star so I can take it to the county fair tomorrow.

Because I wasn’t sure when the drop off times would be, I took tomorrow off as a vacation day. Besides taking my quilts up to the fair, I plan to quilt my little heart out- all alone and with no distractions. I may even lock the cats out of the sewing room so my feet are not being run over and rubbed on and pawed at. People who think cats are cold and aloof have never met mine- a more needy bunch never existed and the beagle is as bad as the rest of them.

I totally overslept this morning. I think I forgot to turn my clock on… or I turned it off in my sleep and never woke up. I woke up 15 minutes after we were supposed to be leaving the house… so I didn’t get a shower, I didn’t pack a lunch and I didn’t run a load of clothes and hang them out to dry while I was at work. Emily was, however, less than 15 minutes late and while I was not late, I was not early enough to get out my quilt and work on it. (I could have but I didn’t- there was not so much time that I felt like I was wasting too much to just sit.)

On a similar note, I need a clock in the sewing room. I want one that hangs on the wall, has a pendulum, is key wound (very necessary, there is no electrical outlet on the wall I want it) and ideally, chimes. Every hour would be nice, every half hour would be better. I don’t know if I want westminster chimes or not. I love them… but I do listen to audio books a lot when I’m quilting and that could be annoying. Or not- I listen to the same audio books over and over because I have to love the book and I have to like the voice and there are not that many audio books with that combination. I’d love to have Bujold’s Vorkosigan books in audio format… but I’m not sure I like the reader and I hated the reader on Quiltmaker’s Apprentice. So I keep listening to the same books over and over.

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