Day 1135

Mom’s fallen again and is in the hospital at least over night. I am pushing assisted living because this has gotten beyond what I can do. Right now I’ve a headache that would kill a 10 day clock from lack of sleep and food.

And yes, I was correcting Mom to the doctors. When she was telling them that she had a drink or two every night, I told them that she drank a gallon a week. I also pointed out that she was not able to even get to my car, she was walking so poorly and that she keeps falling because there is no one there to catch her when she goes to the bathroom. I pulled the doctor aside and told him about the medicines she is supposed to take and isn’t and about all the times she just decides to skip her medicines and about her eating only one small meal a day because she just won’t eat any more. Then I told him that he was not to tell her that I ratted her out.

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