Day 1133

First the update on Mom. She’s still in the hospital and will be until Monday and then she will be going to an extended care facility for therapy. What I can find out is that she doesn’t have actual nerve damage but she does have the shakes in her right hand badly enough that she can’t use it for much and she still can not extend the fingers on her own. She’s also depleted her electrolytes very badly- not sure how this works into the rest of it.

While she is gone, I’m going to clean up her house- get rid of the perishable items in the fridge (one way or another), wash her sheets and so forth and take all the alcohol out of the house. I’ve already told her that I’m doing this and she agrees. They told her her blood alcohol content when she was admitted and I think it scared her. It should have! So when she comes home, there won’t be any there and I won’t be getting any more for her.

I’ve started moving my pictures from Webshots to Photobucket. I did look at Flickr but one of the first things I noticed was that they had a monthly limit on how much you can upload and the pictures from my camera are always huge so I wouldn’t have been able to move everything all at once. Thank you to everyone for the input and especially for the offer of hosting- that was very sweet! The process is slow moving- first saving the pictures and then uploading them- but the thing that is taking the most time is curating them. I’m liking that Photobucket lets me have albums within albums. This is the way I think so it works well for me. I got a good bit done last night because I stayed up too late waiting on a phone call that didn’t happen and I plan to do more this morning before Emily gets up but after I pack things for Ebay. And then I will have to go through both journals and relink the photographs for things- I haven’t decided how much of that I will do.

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