Day 1132

What part of the day I did not spend going to visit Mom, I have been uploading and curating my new Photobucket account. You can view it here although I am far from finished. I thought I had about 900 pictures to move before webshots goes away. Um, no. More like 1500.

Mom is doing better- she is supposed to be released to Collegedale LifeCare Center tomorrow and she wants me to leave from work, come pick her up and drive her over there and get her settled. This is an unreasonable request. My typical lunch break is around 11 am. I get off at 4 pm. It takes an hour to drive down there, another to drive back and then how ever long she insists on me staying with her to get her “settled”. And then come home and cook dinner afterwards so I’m looking about about 10 hours between lunch and dinner. I suggested that I come home and make dinner early and then go pick her up but she doesn’t want me to do that. I suggested that she get them to transfer her in an ambulance (more reasonable since she still can’t walk well and can’t use her hands much at all) but that costs too much. Yeah, right. So I suggested that she stay until Tuesday which I have off (we had a doctor’s appointment which I need to call and cancel).

She doesn’t like any of those choices and was a bit nasty about it so I was a bit nasty back. And if I end up having to go pick her up right after work tomorrow and transfer her, I’m not sticking around for more than a few minutes and then I expect I will not visit for long Tuesday either, if at all. I need to take the cat to the vet- he’s getting thinner and thinner and there is something wrong here. Plus I’m pissed because I drove down to see her to day (1 hour) and we stayed for over an hour and then she wanted us to stay “just a little bit longer” before we drove back (1 hour) so I could start dinner. I know she doesn’t want to be alone but my life didn’t stop just because she’s in the hospital and I don’t put dinner in the crockpot on the weekends because I assume I’ll be home for long enough to cook.

So yeah, she’s better.

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