Day 1131 A medical day

The quick scoop on today- Mom is successfully transferred to LifeCare where she will be doing physical therapy for awhile. I don’t know how long but she seems to be pretty alert and doing better.

I took Alex to the vet this morning because he has been drinking a ton, acting like he didn’t feel so good and eating like he couldn’t get enough food while still loosing a bunch of weight since Pixel died. He has diabetes- two shots a day and a special diet.

On the one hand, this sucks because it means that I have to feed everyone at once and then take up the food and give Alex a shot. He also has to eat away from the others so that he gets his diet and no one else does- so I’ll be feeding him in the dog crate. No one is happy about this but it’s what has to happen. It’s also going to be expensive but I’ll manage somehow. The food and syringes are actually going to be a lot more expensive than the insulin itself.

On the other hand, diabetes is a distinctly manageable condition so he will be fine. Because I had moved them to the lower carb, high protein food already, he was not in very bad shape for having untreated diabetes- his blood sugar was only at 230. If I had kept them on the old food, he might have been in much worse shape.

Just incidentally, I also picked up Em’s script at the doctor and turned it in when I picked up insulin and syringes for Alex.

I took the day off to take Mom to the doctor- that didn’t happen but I certainly have had the medical chores today!!

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