Day 1130

Well, I gave Alex his injection last night. A first for me as I have never dealt with needles if I could help it- I’m actually phobic about them. Time to get over that now, I suppose. Of course I botched it- first I didn’t get the needle under his skin and the insulin went in his fur and then he jumped and I poked it all the way through the fold of skin and had to pull back a little. But I got his medicine in him.

This morning I was better- he still jumped like a flea had bitten him so I could stand to improve but I will. He’s enjoying his new food a lot- he polished it all off pretty quickly this morning and when I called him, he ran to the crate to be fed. I’m having more trouble with the other cats… they haven’t quite gotten the idea that the food is going away between meal times now. They’ll be healthier for it, especially Anna, but they aren’t used to it yet and whine a lot.

I just went to see how Alex was feeling and he’s washing his face, as any proper cat does after a messy meal. He hasn’t been grooming a lot lately so this means he’s already feeling a lot better. This is going to get routine pretty quickly. I discovered that I can get syringes and insulin at the pharmacy at work so that’s convenient and I expect the panic attacks (me, not Alex) will not last much longer.

With all this going on, I haven’t had a lot of time to quilt but I did get more done on moving my pictures yesterday morning and will continue this morning. With luck and diligence, I may be able to get everything moved and redo all my pictures in both journals while I can still see the ones I need to re-link.

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