Day 1123

Get up.
Have coffee
Feed the cats. (Alex gets 3/4 can diabetic food, the others get 1/4 cup Blue Buffalo)
Give Alex his shot. (2 units insulin)
Wake Emily.
Give Emily her meds.
Shower. (I seriously need to shower at night.)
Get dressed for work.
Make Emily have breakfast.
Have breakfast.
Make lunch to take to work.
Make sure everything that needs to gets to the car.
Leave the house.
Stop at Mom’s and feed Miss Fuzz. (Thyroid food- 1/4 cup dry and 1/4 can wet)
Take Emily to school.
Go to work. (This morning there was a wren that let me get less than a foot away before it flew away)

    This includes cutting fruit, cashiering, floral and occasionally stocking plus carry outs and customer service… and cleaning- always cleaning.

Do any shopping that we need. (Today we needed to get some of the london broil that was on sale- a couple of roasts and four more ground up. We had to put it in the cooler because we don’t go straight home. Since my relief didn’t show up on time, Emily did the shopping for us and put it in the car while I was still working. When they told me I could go in 30 minutes- 30 minutes after I should have already left, I told them I had to go now… I have other things in my afternoon that are time sensitive and staying over an hour without notice, I can’t do.)
Visit Mom and take her mail to her… as well as anything else she has asked for.
Go home.
Unload the car. (We were so late today that Emily did this for me.)
Feed the cats. (Same as breakfast)
Put up the shopping (Tonight I had to portion out the ground beef into 1 lb packages.)
Give Alex his shot.(He’s doing really well with this. Tonight he let me stop him in the middle of the kitchen and laid down while I found skin and gave him his shot.)
Cook dinner.
Eat dinner and make Emily eat.
Go feed Miss Fuzz and the dogs.
Collect anything Mom has asked for and put it in the car. (Tonight it was Aspercreme, a specific shirt and more pairs of pants. Also collect the garbage can today since it was garbage day.)
Do the dinner dishes.
Make Emily take a shower.
Do any chores that have to be done in the evening. (Tonight I have to do Mom’s laundry to take back to her, sweep, clean the cat boxes-this is every day- pack two packages and write a letter.)
Check mail and journals and answer anything pressing.

This is where I am right now.

Brush teeth.
Quilt, read etc for any of the time I have left until: (Most of the time, this step doesn’t exist)
Go to bed.

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