Day 1117

Why is 72° in the early morning so much colder than 72° in the afternoon?

Yesterday I was borrowing trouble from all over the place, especially the far future. I finally decided that I should just go to bed, things would not be worse this morning. As a matter of fact, they are lots better- I think I was just very tired.

Saturday I was driving by a field of cut hay and saw a tiny tornado. It wasn’t more than nine of ten feet tall and I wouldn’t have been able to see it at all if it hadn’t picked up a lot of hay. But there it was, a tiny funnel of dancing wind. When it reached the trees on the edge of the field, it dissipated without even doing much more than stirring the leaves so I guess it would be an F-zero? I wish I’d been able to catch it on film.

Mom seems to be doing pretty well although they aren’t working on her hand like they need to be. I took her a pen and notebook yesterday so she could practice writing- it’s still very shaky.

Alex and I are getting on pretty well with his shots- but the feeding schedule makes none of the cats happy. So any time I go into the kitchen for anything, I’m at risk of tripping over one or more of them.

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