Day 1114

I couldn’t sleep- woke up at 1:30am thinking it was time to get up and made myself go back to sleep until 3:30… and gave up. It’s just now time for me to get up and I’ve finished updating the pictures in my quilting notebook on LJ and will copy them to WordPress asap. Now on to the walking/unplugged pictures.

The cats are having a fit… they’re hungry and have been telling me so since I got up. By now, they probably actually are hungry (me too, as it happens) but we need to wait another 20 minutes for breakfast.

This evening, I’m going to have to work on Emily’s costume. She does this- she tells me something horribly elaborate sometime in August or September and when I say no way, she drops it until the week before Halloween and then comes up with something not so elaborate but that it’s a scramble to pull together. Part of the problem is that she comes up with something that we can’t afford to buy and I just don’t have the time to spend hours and hours on a costume right now… and it’s always something for me to do instead of something she could do. She seriously needs to learn to sew.

However, this year, I dragged out the antique clothes that I have laying about and we pulled together a top that I expect was a Halloween costume in the 1900s (and by that I mean pre-1910) and a skirt from the 1890s. Problem is, the skirt needs a waistband and a bit of mending at the waist so that’s what I’ll be doing tonight.

Fitting pictures:


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