Day 1109 Happy Halloween!

Good morning and Happy Halloween to you all! In celebration, my drink of the day is Black Cat coffee. This evening, I’ll be making a pumpkin pie, provided that I remember to collect a tin of evaporated milk from work.

Well, I don’t like the changes to LJ any more than anyone else. I already have a mirror on WordPress here. I tried the others but it just was not the same so I’ll continue to mirror on WordPress until LJ is totally gone and then just be there. I have a DreamWidth account but somehow I never manage to remember to post or mirror there so it’s essentially dead. I’m still working on updating my pictures- hurry, hurry, I only have two weeks left- so I’m not up to changing journals as well.

On the nice side, as soon as I finish with the entries over here, I can copy and paste them all to WordPress and there is no deadline for that.

For now, I need to go give Alex his jab and jump in the shower- having neglected to shower last night due to the lateness of the hour.

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