Day 1104

Thing four: Today I’m grateful for the extra hour of sleep for everyone!

Because of the time change, the cats were not wanting to wait an extra hour for their food… so I made them wait an extra half an hour and tonight we’ll be back on the correct schedule. I thought that was better than moving the entire hour all at once.

Mom and her therapist are talking about her coming home Friday so this is likely the last free day I will have. I expect she will have out patient therapy again which means hours and hours of both Saturday and Sunday… although I will get to take Wolftever walks again. I promise I’ll take the camera and document it in the winter (though not with snow. If it snows, Mom will cancel her therapy rather than get out in it.) It’s a pity I didn’t have time to walk it in the fall and get all the pretty leaves! Maybe next year.

Does anyone know of a site like Ravelry for quilters? It looks like much big fun but I don’t currently crochet or knit and the last thing- the very last thing- that I need right now is another hobby.

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