Day 1102 Election Day

Thing six: I’m grateful to everyone who made it possible for me to stop on the way home from work and vote- the soldiers who have fought for freedom and the suffragettes who wouldn’t be shut down.

Right now I’m planning a Thanksgiving advent calender- no details because I notice that if I start, I tend to babble on for awhile about it but I do need 31 pictures representative of the season… preferably without one of them being of a cooked turkey… so if anyone has a favorite November picture, please point me!

I was wishing, last night, that I had all the time and all the money I wanted for my various craft projects… and then thought about it and decided that if I had unlimited money and unlimited time, I would probably not be anywhere nearly as creative. Some of my best ideas are because I either don’t have enough time or I don’t have enough money and I have to get creative to get around the limitation.

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