Day 1095

Thing 12 (because I didn’t post yesterday): I’m grateful that I work so close to school. I took my lunch late and picked Emily up in the car because of the rain and got back in less that 30 minutes even with school traffic.

Thing 13: I’m grateful for free time! I only have to work a half day today and then I have the rest of the day (until school is out) to run a couple of errands and maybe quilt a stitch or two. It’s only about 3 hours… but I’m quite grateful for those three hours!

I didn’t actually work on the quilt last night, I made an emery pouch for my quilting frame out of scraps of champagne velvet and brown felt in the shape of an acorn. This was a bit fiddly as I had no pattern and hadn’t ever seen one so it came out a bit smaller than I planned- but really, how large does an emery bag need to be? Other than that, it was pretty close to exactly as I envisioned it and we had everything I needed either in my stash or Mom’s… so I’m also grateful for fabric stashes!

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