Day 1092

Thing sixteen: I’m grateful for indoor plumbing. It’s something we don’t think about much but it’s so very very nice.

Mom’s home and seems to be doing pretty well. She’s a lot stronger than she was and was able to sit up in the living room until after dinner… this was a very good thing since it took me that long to figure out why the remote to her bedroom TV was not working. She’s even talking about making potato salad for Thanksgiving dinner and cranberry sauce for Christmas. And I know she’s glad to be home. Her cat was so funny too… at first, she was all kinds of excited that Mom was home… and then she sulked and wouldn’t come out for an hour… and then she wanted all the pets she’s been missing. So tentatively, this is looking good.

I got my schedule for next week and I have to go in and work for two hours on Thursday. Bother. But it’s really not such a big deal- I’d have to get up anyway to feed the cats and I’m not doing so much that 10:30am is too late to start cooking so it’s really just the having to get dressed and go somewhere. It will keep me for being too lazy though so that’s a good thing.

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