Day 1090

Thing seventeen (since I was too busy to post yesterday): I’m grateful for electricity… and the power being on at my house!

Thing eighteen: I’m grateful for online Christmas shopping.

I’m also grateful for central heat and Alex feeling good enough to play like a kitten and $1 truffles at Earthfaire (they’re usually $10) and Mom doing well enough to be up and in the living room most of the day and getting all my chores done yesterday so I have today to quilt.

Mom’s really doing much better. She’s not staying in bed all day and when her back hurt yesterday (after not having hurt the entire time she was at the nursing home) we had a little talk about her bed and exercises and how to keep her back from hurting without medicating it massively.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. While I was out shopping, I also squeezed in some Christmas shopping… mostly in the negative sense in that I wasn’t finding what I wanted for people. On the other hand, I did get some stocking stuffers for the girls and when I got home, and after Emily went to bed, I did a lot of shopping on line. I’ll still need something for my sister-in-law and something more for Eliz… but I’m thinking a gift card for her to Amazon since I can’t afford all of the thing she wants most and then another gift card for her birthday. I don’t have anything for Mom but she’s telling me with all the time I spend on her that I don’t need to get her anything and I may just take her up on that.

While I was standing in line for cheap truffles (Emily’s favorite and OMG they were practically giving them away) I struck up a conversation with the woman in front of me. (No, I can’t tell you how I do that- I wish I could!) I mentioned that the truffles for my daughter (ok, I will have some- they’re my favorite too) and the coffee was for me for quilting today. And all next week- I did get over a pound. She told me she was making a quilting patterned pin cushion but couldn’t name the pattern (I had her describe it- Cathedral Windows) and she was not getting on as fast as others in her group because she was taking the time to make them really perfect. I told her that taking her time meant better quality and mentioned I worked 13 months quilting a quilt… and then it won a blue ribbon. Turns out, she’s the organizer for the flower show at the county fair and when I described the quilt, she remembered it! LOL- that was a real-life ‘cute-meet’!

There will never be a movie about my life- there are too many things that happen to me that people simply would not believe ever happens out side the movies- it’s simply too clichéd.

I must have had my ‘meet people’ face on because I also struck up a conversation in Walmart with an older woman about scoliosis (she was unclear on what it was or how it was treated) and a conversation with the girl pushing Direct TV about books. (That was related, she asked me what TV service I had and told her none, I had 3000 books instead. It’s only a slight exaggeration.)

I did my best to close it down before I got to the mall (free gift at Bath and Body Works) or I’d be there yet. Funny thing about that, I got handsoap for the bathroom there and some stocking stuffers and then got a tube of lotion as my free gift… got home and had another free gift coupon in the mail from them so I went on line and got several more lotions in their seasonal scents that aren’t being carried in the store anymore. I ended up with six tubes of lotions in varying scents to take to work with me, soap for the bathroom for six months and gifts for the girls- all for the price of 4 of the lotions.

And I got Emily and I a gift for us because it was irresistible:

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