Day 1021

The Game is Delayed aggggh! Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

I guess that’s what we have to pay for having Martin Freeman play Bilbo (among other things).

On the other hand- Martin Freeman as Bilbo… and plans are laid for me to get to go see it with my BFF and Emily and then make a proper tea for us all after while we discuss it- total yay!

In other Sherlock-fan-girl related news, Emily and I don’t like 221B Baker Street, the game as it is written. Mostly, she doesn’t like how slow it is and that we’re competing to solve the mystery so we’re going to play it another way. He comment is that it’s too quiet since we aren’t discussing it so she and I will collaborate on solving the mystery as we collect separate clues.

Thing twenty six: I’m grateful to have friends who will push me to do things because they know I will like them.

Thing twenty seven: I’m grateful that Alex ate all his food tonight, I’m grateful that I don’t have to make dinner and I’m grateful for all the people who have been saying ‘yes’ when asked to donate to the food bank at work. (I have a lot to be grateful for today)

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