Day 1017 More cookies…

Well, it’s been quite a day.

Emily’s birthday is Monday so today we gathered her friends up and went to Cici’s pizza for a bit over an hour. We took up the front two tables and much merriment ensued- as well as lots of pizza eating! An all-you-can-eat buffet is a good idea when teens are involved.

After pizza, Emily went shopping with her sister for her gift… she got quite a few things at Hot Topic- but no clothes. All the clothes were either too expensive, too poorly made or both. (As well as being completely impractical- something I didn’t bother to point out.) While they were shopping, I ran into JoAnn’s and picked up some red food colouring (no-taste Red- totally necessary for Christmas baking) and found a gold spray which will significantly reduce the difficulty of the Touch of Gold Christmas tree cookies.

I wish I had had time to make the gingerbread batter, it has to chill for three hours… and then the cookies have to cool before decorating so gingerbread men will spill over into tomorrow. Last night was day two for sugar cookies- I got them all decorated, which was an evening’s work in itself.

Christmas 2012

Sorry, it’s a little out of focus!

In other news, while we were pottering about the mall, I found a hairstick that just screams “Hobbit!” at me:

Hobbit  hairstick

I didn’t need a new hairstick… but I got it anyway.

Ok, back to baking! I have to make something else tonight since the gingerbread men are going to take up more than their allotted day.

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