Day 1014

In spite of having to work and extra hour today, I kicked it when I got home. I fed the cat, changed clothes, started the laundry, scooped the cat box, put out the trash to be picked up tomorrow and fixed supper for Emily, Mom and I. In half an hour.

Then I made Vanilla-Cherry Flowers and cleaned the kitchen so I’m ready for Kiss cookies tomorrow when I get home from shopping (tomorrow’s supper is in the crockpot.)


I’ve been making all these cookies in two versions- a regular one and a gluten-free one. These are the first ones that just didn’t make it as gluten-free. I didn’t put in enough flour (and put too much in for the regular ones) because I have to just guess at the proportions. I’m sure they would have been fine if I had just upped the flour content but as it is, they spread all over the pan and came out a complete mess. Oh well, she gets Santa sugar cookies and no one else does because even making two recipes, I ran out of dough before I go to Santa. Considering how difficult he was to decorate, I’m ok with that.

Before I started work this morning, there was a lovely rainbow over the store… and it’s been promising rain all day… and now it’s pouring. I think I’ll go to bed so it can sing me to sleep.

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