Day 1009

I did not bake cookies yesterday. I did plan to- but chores happened and then I had some company and then the butter wasn’t soft so I went to bed planning on baking first thing this morning. On the other hand, I did get all my packages wrapped and my cards mailed and made and hung a shelf for the advent calender so baking is all I have left to do.

Today I plan to bake- more Temptations and then everything that has shortening instead of butter because I am out of butter. Anything with butter will have to wait until evenings next week when I have butter again. So this evening, I will probably be posting several cookie entries (or many cookies in one entry).

Between cookies and dinner, I also plan to scrub my house. It’s early, but there will be visitors this month and I want to be able to touch things up instead of having to try and scrub then.

Emily is already up so I don’t have to be quiet and the laundry is already going and baking is about to commence in a big way.

Should be a fun day!

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