Day 1008 Grumbly Monday

Well, it’s Monday. It’s rainy and chilly and it’s been a bit of a Jonah day.

Mom bitched at me about not making the stuffed baked potatoes I have been planning on making- I’m out of potatoes, damnit!

Eliz bitched at me because I only now realized that she needs to update the address on all the things she has sent here- including her driver’s licence and employment records. She’s been using my address as her permanent address and I forgot to tell her that 911 changed the house number on me.

One of my Ebay auctions is not happy (I said the board was warped- I started the auction at 99¢- what in the hell did you expect- brand new?) so I’m probably going to have to refund their money. I say no refunds… but I will if someone is very unhappy and feels I did not describe the item adequately. Of course, this presupposes that people will actually READ the description… and look at the picture… and ask questions.

On top of that, I seem to have a crick in my back between my shoulder blades that’s making my right hand feel all wonky.

In fact, not one person has said one nice thing to me today. Emily has been behaving so there is that. There is also that I found cream of tartar for cookies when I was almost certain that I was out and I substituted sugar for half the honey in the oatmeal cookies and they came out fine and I was able to exchange the almond extract that I bought by accident for the madagascar vanilla I actually needed- so it’s not a complete bust.

On the other hand, cookies!

Honey Oatmeal Cookies

Heath Bar Cookies


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2 Responses to Day 1008 Grumbly Monday

  1. Liz S. says:

    I love you and I’m seeing you in three days! The countdown is almost at 1000 days. London is in your future.

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