Day 1006

Tonight’s cookie, Shortbread!


I just made about a million billion (ok, 94) tiny shortbread trees (yeah, other cookies are shaped like trees already- so? I like trees! This is not news.) I notice that the gluten-free ones have the same tendency to crumble (especially when warm) as all the other gluten-free cookies. And I have now baked up the entire box of gluten-free flour! I made the very very last bit of dough into a special cookie- not like anything else.

I’m also posting a recipe I won’t be using this year:

Stained Glass Cookies
Stained Glass Cookies

They work a lot better for decorating than for eating- the melted life-savers are especially nasty- but they’re very cool to make and to look at.

I have now made 16 different cookies in 12 days (one day off), and I still have chocolate chip cookies to go!

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