Day 999

I really should have posted yesterday- just for the number!

Emily’s got a bad cold- I think it was probably not helped by her visit to the doctor Monday. She got the flu mist and now she’s complaining of a headache to go along with a cough and a stuffy nose. I’m just hoping that the vaccination didn’t give her the flu! To make matters worse, she signed up to sing in the talent show. She thought that it was at the end of the year… but it’s at the end of the semester which is tomorrow. Que panic now.

On the other hand, if she decides that she’s too sick to go to school, her exams are finished and they’re not going to actually be doing anything for the next two days so she won’t miss anything. She took her Christmas gifts for friends to school Monday so that’s out of the way as well.

I may have plenty of time to get Christmas dinner on the table on Christmas eve- work has scheduled me only two hours (and not at all the previous Thursday) which would be fine if I didn’t need the hours (and money).

Because family has moved Christmas to Christmas Eve, I’m planning to take Christmas really off and not go to work, not cook and watch Christmas movies and quilt all day. We have some standard Christmas movies (White Christmas, Nutcracker) but we have some not very standard ones too (Hogfather, Christmas with the Kranks, While You Were Sleeping) and the only one I’ve gotten to see this season so far is The Holiday. We have some odd Christmas books as well- Christmas Stalkings, Mistletoe Mysteries, Holmes for the Holidays.

Lately I’ve been considering (probably too much, I do that) the board game 221b Baker Street. It’s got quite a lot of expansions and they don’t all fit into the box that it comes in originally. So I’ve been considering how to build a box that will accommodate the expansions, the second board, all the booklets (and do I want to copy those and reprint them into a single book?) and all the cards. I think my best option is going to be heavy cardboard or thin wood and a custom insert made out of foam and lined with felt. Then I have to decide what I want to do about the booklets. I certainly have to reprint the travel set booklet and cards to make them the same size as the others- do I want to reprint everything and sell the originals? Some of the prices I see them going for are outrageous. *think, think, think*

Okay, Emily is up and she’s miserable so I think we’ll just start her Christmas vacation early. I expect that a lot of the kids will be doing that anyway.

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One Response to Day 999

  1. Liz S. says:

    Sorry Emily’s sick! And sorry about the work sitch, though it works out better for the Christmas snafu.

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