Day 994

I haven’t posted as much recently because I can’t get to the computer. Emily is out of school and has been on it pretty well non-stop since last Wednesday. By the time she goes to bed, I have about enough energy to zone out and answer comments and prowl around Ebay looking at stuff I don’t need and mostly, don’t want.

I’m having a little trouble with my right hand just now, the middle finger has gone numb at the tip. Annoying, not dangerous. It’s just a touch of carpal tunnel which I get from time to time but it makes both typing and sewing harder.

One of my friends is going through a really had time right now. His father is dying and it’s causing him a lot of stress and pain so any prayers or good wishes you can spare, send them his way. He can use the support even if he doesn’t know where it’s coming from.

I keep getting Christmas cards back. Apparently several friends have moved and if I don’t get the new address, I won’t be able to send a card next year.

I haven’t gone back to quilting yet. I’ll get back to it after Christmas, but in the meantime, I’ve come up with a project I want to work on- a tablecloth and napkins. I saw a great tablecloth on Ebay… and it was made out of wool. Wool? For a tablecloth? Yeah- no. But I have a huge roll of linen that one of Mom’s friends gave me… so I plan to make my own. (How hard could it be?) The center is going to have a fairy ring of mushrooms and then I’m planning trees for the corners- possibly going along the sides as well. Crewel work is pretty easy and fast and I’m quite good at it so that will be no problem… but I have to learn how to hem linen. It’s trickier than you’d think. I’ll post another entry with all the instructions as well as my progress (and tips I learn) but for now, here is the plan I have for the center:

mushroom fairy ring

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