Day 990

Tragedy this morning- I ran out of Blue Buffalo cat food at dinner last night so the girls are having to have Science Diet for breakfast. They are all three letting me know that this is not acceptable- how can I expect them to eat this swill? And they’re HUNGRY, Mom!!! Where’s the REAL food? So I’ll be running out on my lunch break to get cat food for dinner tonight.

Yes, my cats are spoiled, why do you ask?

I’m also going to have to be driving my Mom’s car until I can get mine in to the shop for brakes. I’ve got a half day Monday but I don’t know if anyone will be open.

My cold is some better.. it always is in the morning. By evening, I feel like crud and only want to sleep.

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2 Responses to Day 990

  1. Liz S. says:

    I’m going to try Blue Buffalo with my cats too. Spoiled cats, ho!

    • wren08 says:

      They will be. Blue Buffalo suggests half a cup a day per 9 lb cat and I feed them a quarter cup morning and night- I don’t know if it would be effective to leave it out all the time or not.

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