Day 985 The fiscal cliff and “Hello Kitty” syndrome

So I’m talking to my awesome friend as we’re waiting for the new year (I hadn’t planned to stay up- oh well.) and the subject of the fiscal cliff comes up.

This is ridiculous. I’m about as apolitical as a body can be and still be walking around and breathing… and this sort of thing is why. I’m too straight-forward- all the nonsense in Washington right now makes me want to go up there and spank the lot of them.

You want to balance the budget? I’ll tell you how- get people back to work. To do this, we need more jobs… so bring home the jobs that have migrated over-seas. How? Tariffs. Make outsourcing jobs to other countries so expensive that it’s less expensive to manufacture here. (Also, fine companies for hiring exclusively part-time people and then working them just under the legal limit for full time to the point that it’s less expensive to actually hire full time workers.)

With tariffs and fines in place, companies have a choice. They can either move away from the Harvard business model that’s wrecked the economy and the budget and decimated the middle class or they can pay through the nose in fines and tariffs to the government. So there will be more tax revenue and fewer people needing social programs or there will be tons of money to continue and expand the social programs, courtesy of the companies who made them necessary. Either way, the budget gets balanced- problem solved.


Another thing that came up was in reference to my current mini-obsession with table decoration for the holidays that are important to me – St Patrick’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. I know that most (Christian) people do Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas- I’m strange. But if you’re just now figuring that out, where have you been?

So, I want to set a pretty and appropriate table for St Patrick’s Day. I have a lovely spring green Irish linen tablecloth with damask shamrocks, likewise white Irish linen damask napkins with shamrocks. So the trouble comes in that the only “Irish” china I can find also has shamrocks. I even found crystal with shamrocks etched into them and I haven’t looked but I am sure there’s shamrock engraved silver.

I consider this to be too much! At a certain point, having the same pattern on everything becomes what my friend has termed “Hello Kitty syndrome”, where everything has the same pattern. What’s up with that? Are there really people who think it’s a good decorating choice to repeat the pattern ad infinitum no matter how much you like it? (Actually, I know that there are- I just don’t understand them.)

I think it’s more elegant to repeat the pattern often enough so that it’s obviously intentional and let the rest of the pieces be something that enhances and accents rather than an endless repeat. I want visual ‘chords’ where there are supporting ‘notes’ rather than the same one louder. (This is a personal preference- the endless repeat looks juvenile to me.)

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