Day 979

Emily goes back to school Wednesday so today I begin the painful process of getting her back on schedule. And getting me back on an earlier schedule- ouch.

I have too many projects going. Right now I have the Trees quilt top to finish, Granny’s quilt to finish quilting, the setting the table obsession (which I’m not allowing myself to buy anything for at the moment) and the collecting all the cases for the 221B Baker Street Game and putting them in some kind of orderly collection.

So I’m going to shove the tabletop project to the back burner and just keep my eyes open for things that I want for each of the three new table settings. This includes not doing any work on the tablecloth I want to make and embroider to set a ‘hobbit’ table.

I’m going to finish the top to the Trees quilt up to borders and set it aside. Then I’ll work like a mad woman on getting Granny’s quilt quilted before Emily’s birthday at the end of the year.

For the Baker Street project, I’ll do all the data entry (a huge chore) that I currently have and work on getting the printer cleaned or something so it stops pulling paper in unevenly and folding down the top left corner. I plan to remake the clue books into one book and reprint all the cards so that they are all the same size and shape- as well as deleting the duplicate cases from the American and British versions.

Here’s the thing- there are two versions of the game: the Gibson Version and the Hanson version. The Gibson version came with 40 cases and then had three expansions (two of which were boxed together) for 60 extra cases. The Hanson version only came with 20 original cases but had 8 more expansions of 20 cases each. The first 40 (original Gibson, original Hanson plus expansion 2) are mostly the same with maybe six different cases. There are two or three duplicates in the next 20 and then the Hanson cases are completely different. And then there’s the travel set that has 20 cases that are not anywhere else and the Time Machine which has a different board and 40 cases (original 20 plus a 20 case expansion pack) set in the 20th century that range from Elvis to the JFK shooting to the Black Dahlia case.

To make matters more interesting, someone on came up with a variation that allows for faster movement using Hansom Cab cards (printable pdf) which I like a lot.

So my plan is to copy all the cards. I’m starting with the Gibson sets which get to keep their numbers and then moving to the travel set (which will have 100 added to it’s number) and then I’ll add in the missing Hanson cases from the first three sets and renumber them… and then move to Hanson expansions 4-9 and number them appropriately. I’m going to reprint all the clues and solutions putting them in the order of the case number and sorted by location- which is where all the data entry comes in! Then I’ll print out and bind a rule book (with the Hansom cab variation), a clue book and a solutions book. The Time Machine will have a different book with rules, clues and solutions all in one as the rules are a little different due to the board being different.

When I get done with that, I’ll print out the Hansom cab cards and copy the badges and key cards so that they are all alike (and I get to pick my favorite version). I’ll either laminate or coat all the cards to make them less susceptible to drinks that get spilled- including all the case cards (about 300 of these) and an indicator card to mark the cases as they’re played.

Then I can choose my two boards and my pawns and dice. Once I have it all collected, I plan to make a padded wood box with fitted slots to keep everything together and sorted. At the moment, I have nebulous plans for either foam or quilt batting (of which I have a good surplus of scraps) covered with felt, probably green.

Then I can stop being frustrated that everything is so higgldy-piggldy between the versions. That I can sell the originals as soon as I have entered the data is a bonus. The only things I need to keep out of what I have is the Time Machine board and I can sell off the rest of it as parts.

So if I don’t post a lot for awhile- this is what I’m doing!

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