Better at night

I’m doing better tonight than I was this morning about getting things done. I finally got out of the house to buy cat food because I would have to be dying to let my animals go hungry and then I’d be worried about it. (Yeah, yeah, I’m bleeding a lot here … but somebody has to go feed the cat and give Alex his shot, lemme up!)

I made curry for dinner which was awesome because, well, curry is. We’ve got enough for tomorrow night as well… I had planned to take it for lunches next week and make something else for dinner but I got voted down.

My marble napkin rings came in the mail today- all the way from Ireland. Mom gave me money for Christmas and I decided that I was actually going to spend it on something I wanted rather than let the bills have it. So I have St Patrick’s day glasses and napkin rings. Eventually I’ll find the right china.

I did not stop at Earthfair and get Black Cat coffee… while I was getting cat food and curry supplies, I stopped into a small hobby shop to see what they had in the way of miniatures and painting supplies for miniatures. I decline to say how successful that objective was- but I found a 2008 copy of the Harry Potter Clue game! I love little shops- that game is five years out of print and going for $75 – $100+ on ebay… and they wanted $28 for it. Plus tax, of course, but no shipping and when I checked out, they had Zotz! in three flavors. So I spent my coffee money for this week and a couple more on a game. Emily and I played it tonight and while I could wish for better tokens, the game play is more involved than standard Clue and hence, more fun. The board keeps changing and you get hit with spells and so forth- all while trying to solve the mystery.


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