Day 968

The school board here is very annoying.

Two days ago, they opened schools 2 hours late because of flooding. (Let me tell you guys, flood waters don’t change much in two hours.) Then yesterday, there was the threat of snow in the afternoon on top of all the rain, so they dismissed schools at 1pm. (Ok, snow on wet pavement at above freezing temperatures in the afternoon? Not really much of a problem.) This morning, it’s not raining and it’s not snowing, it’s been clear since just after dark. So a 2 hour delay again… not enough. We’ve had rain for five days and then snow and sleet on top of that which partly melted… and now it’s all of it frozen solid. In two hours, we will have about a four degree increase in temperature- but not to above freezing. The danger to driving is not rain, not so much snow (in the amounts we get here) it’s ice. And this morning, everything is icy and hazardous and two hours will not make enough of a difference to count.

So for three straight days, they’ve messed up everyone’s schedule- and haven’t avoided any hazardous conditions at all. Idiots.

I’m still having focus problems. I can work on things and I can get things started… and then I get distracted and can’t seem to finish any of them. The cold, dark, rain and schedule snaffus are not helping. I’m not sure what would, however.

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