Day 967

Today was mostly better… except for an outburst of tears over a tiny (really, seriously tiny) disappointment. I ditched a trip to McKay’s to come home and get a nap… and when I’m choosing a nap over books, it’s really quite serious. I think I’m having problems with the grey, rainy days and sleep deprivation on top of that because after the nap, today has been quite good.

I made refried beans which I turned into bean burritos which were a hit. I washed all the things and did almost all of the chores- I still have to make dinner tomorrow and scrub the top of the stove and wash out the microwave but all the rest of tomorrow is going to be play.

I think I have finally figured out how to make Nancy’s head stay on straight and I found a yard of black silk satin to make the Sabrina dress for her- as well as some black silk net to line it with. (Did you know you can cure super sculpey with boiling water? Neither did I.) I also think I’ve figured out how to make the pattern for the dress out of pieces of existing patterns I have. We’ll see tomorrow when I baste a mock up out of cotton.

I’m almost finished with the star for Robert’s Trees- yes, I know I’m slow. That’s the effect of not being able to focus on anything long enough to finish it. So I’m going to try and finish the star tomorrow and get the setting squares and triangles cut out.

If I have time, I need to finish a letter I started last week and work more on the Baker Street game but I’m not going to push it. I have enough to stress about without pushing myself on fun stuff.

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