Day 956

Well, I do believe that my work shoes are done for.

Last night, after shopping, I ran in at Mom’s to drop off her shopping on the way to putting up my own. She insisted that I go out right now and replace the styrofoam panel blocking off the crawl space under her house. As a matter of fact, there are 4 panels that were taped together and the tape has come loose- only one of the panels was not in place. However, I collected it (now in two pieces) and went to put it back in place and block it with a log so as it gets colder over the next couple of days, her house will retain more of it’s heat. Now, yesterday poured rain on and off, it was still raining lightly while I was doing this, and the day before that, Mom had workmen digging up her septic line. So as I stepped in front of the crawl space panel, my foot just kept going like it was quick-sand up to the ankle. (I didn’t hit the bottom, that was as fast as I could react to ‘not solid ground’ underfoot.) So now my left shoe is completely caked in mud- and when I say caked, I mean about an inch thick. The shoes were already old and worn out and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get all the muck off there well enough to wear them again.

If she’d just told me what needed doing, I would have gone home, put stuff in the freezer, changed into work-in-the-yard clothes and shoes and gotten it done well before dark. But no, we have to do it her way when she wants it… so now I’m out the best working pair of shoes I had and probably the sock as well. I change clothes when I come home just to prevent that sort of thing!

I got my W-2 yesterday so I’ll be doing my taxes this weekend. Unlike most people, I don’t have much trouble with mine. They’re very simple and it usually takes me less than an hour to do them.

This morning I stopped and put oil in my car and a man parked next to me asked me if I knew how to change an oil filter. That’s a switch

I’ve been seeing a good bit of news about how cats are so deadly- hello, predator? Were people really this unaware that cats are, by nature, hunters? So are we, by the way.

I’m still trying to get adjusted to the new work schedule. Having a little time before work and then a little time after work instead of one or the other is messing me up and I don’t seem to be getting as much done as I was before. This may be an illusion as I am also listing things on Ebay so my time before work is a lot like a second job.

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