Day 947

The problem with selling on Ebay? I shop on Ebay. Most recently, I’ve been shopping for tiny books for Nancy. Since I want them to be both to scale (so 1″ or less tall) and readable… and books that I think she should have… you would think that there wouldn’t be much. You’d be wrong. Look at these:

Plus mini-Nancy Drew books and there’s a bunch of Hogwarts books on Etsy. I got the first set… and a lot of other books from the same seller… so I’ve had to curtail anything else for a while. Besides, I need to build a mini bookshelf!

Today is my cleaning and chore day. The house is a mess but it won’t take me too long to set it to rights once I get going. Since I don’t have company on the weekends any more, I should still have plenty of time for quilting and projects and letters which I should write.

Recently my microwave turntable stopped turning. I was a bit worried at first and then decided that it wasn’t integral to the function of the microwave, don’t worry about it. So now it seems to have fixed itself. I would be confused but it’s not worth the bother.

I’m back on full days at work, for this week anyway. We’ll see what happens after Valentine’s is over. On the good side, I should have my tax refund Monday which will get me out from under Alex’s medical bills and my dental work. There won’t be a lot left over this year but at least I’ll be out of all debt.

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