Day 940 In which I say very little about nothing at all- as usual

I’m almost recovered from Valentine’s Day- I ended up having to work out in the Coke truck… cold, windy, no padding for the feet, no chair etc. By the time I got done, I could barely step down out of the truck, my knees were so gone!

Yesterday I finished work early and went to Earthfair to get my Valentine from Mom- I talked her into coffee instead of candy- yum! Then I ran over to McKay’s and scored a Blu-ray of the first season of Being Human (BBC version). In consequence, I’ve been chasing down the music I love from that series- most notably Supergrass’ St Petersburg and Born Ruffian’s Little Garcon

I also discovered that there are three books that fit between seasons one and two- I think I must get those!

Since it is going to be very cold tonight, I asked the outside dog to come in… and she did without fighting or me having to grab her and pull her in. This is progress… and I’m glad she’s in tonight.

Not much else going on- I’m fiddling with chores and quilting and dolls- and not much of any of it.

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