Day 937 Kindness

Yesterday at work, a woman got in my line. Let’s call her ‘Hope’ since that’s the necklace she was wearing (not her name). She told me she had a budget but neglected to mention what it was. Then we promptly forgot all about it because we got to talking about kids and where we lived (she’s not too far from my house) and so on… and we went over her budget. WAY over- and it was less than she thought (Food stamp card). So she started picking out things to cancel and I had to call Dee (supervisor and not actually her name either) over because I can only void a few items before it stops letting me do it and requires a supervisor. I tried to make her feel less embarrassed because she obviously was painfully embarrassed… and then Dee stopped voiding things and told her, “Just run what you have on your card- I’ll cover the rest.”

And she did- about $35 worth.

Now, Dee is a college student without a family to support but she still needs money as much as the rest of us. She didn’t know Hope- never saw her before- and I think it was one of the kindest spontaneous acts I’ve ever been privileged to witness. It’s not really out of character for Dee- she’s very sweet- but still!

Maybe there’s hope for the human race after all.

The rest of my news is a lot more insipid than that.

I’m still working on a Nancy Drew outfit for Nancy. Because I wanted a camera, I ended up with a pair of vintage Tammy sneakers… that would make perfect saddle oxfords with a little black paint. I did one of them and then, because it’s fiddling work and I was tired, I left the other one on the kitchen counter to do the next morning.

It wasn’t there. It’s totally my own fault- I know that kitten gets up on the counters in spite of all my efforts to make her stop. I know that anything not nailed down is a cat toy and I know that small doll shoes are a GREAT cat toy. So I have swept under everything in the house- turning up 6 stuffed mice and a dozen jingle balls- but no doll shoe (and no abreva either). It’s too large to have fallen down the sink drain in the kitchen so I am clueless as to what she could have possibly done with it. I figure it will eventually turn up and I’ll be asking how it got there.

My tax refund got deposited sometime last week so I’ll be able to pay off the bills I’ve been putting off as they come in and I’ll be making a Lush order this week- we’ve been getting by on liquid shampoo and I want my bars back! I also splurged and got us a second hand blu-ray disk set of the first season of Being Human… wish the second season didn’t start at $40! I can find it a lot cheaper… in region 2 sets.

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