Day 932

I haven’t been writing anything because I really haven’t been doing anything. I can’t seem to get myself to do more than go to work and do the bare minimum on housework and so on- nothing on any projects. I’m wasting far too much time surfing around on the internet and finding things I’d like to buy, although I have been pretty good about not buying any of them. This is predominately perceptual.

For example, I feel like yesterday was a wasted day. I got all the chores done, including buying Emily new jeans that she desperately needed and picking up some supplies for my own things (model glue, crimp connecters), the laundry done, dinner for everyone, the ferrets settled in Mom’s spare room, bills paid and packages mailed. I still feel like I didn’t do anything and wasted my whole day.

Ferrets, oh yes. Eliz is planning on moving to North Carolina so she brought her three ferrets over here for a month plus while they move. I encouraged this because the last time she went out of town over the weekend, the person she got to look after them, didn’t. By the time she got back, they were almost out of food and water and hadn’t been spoken to for days. Um, no. She shouldn’t have to worry that her babies don’t have food and her house is an hour drive away so I could hardly run over there twice a day to look after them… but it does mean three more animals to look after. They’re not difficult- although they need to get out and run around and they’re not going to be able to do that. I had to board them at Mom’s because all three of them can’t be in the same cage (one is elderly and can’t be bothered with the younger ones) and one of the ‘cages’ is a corral that is open at the top- this is where the elderly ferret lives. In my house, with bouncy kitten, the poor old boy would be terrorized within an inch of his life and there’s no where that I could keep him that is climate controlled without cats. I’m just hoping that she doesn’t leave them here permanently… Honey is supposedly her dog and Anna and Alex are also supposedly hers.

Now I need to go and do something with my day!

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