Evening- Oscars and a mini-house fire

I’m watching the Oscars (who isn’t) and I like that Chris Evans brought his mom (in sneakers! Go Mom!). He really is Captain America.

Oh, about the rest of the title? Emily and I between us contrived to start a fire in the kitchen. She baked a pizza last weekend and left the cardboard under the pizza. Somehow, I left the pan in oven all week and when I turned the oven on to bake fish tonight, I didn’t look in first and make sure it was empty. When I opened the oven door, the cardboard burst into huge flames. I pulled the pan out and dumped it in the sink so no harm done- just lots of smoke and a scare. It did point out the reason to remove the cardboard before baking a pizza and that one should always check the oven before pre-heating.

I have managed to get most of a turn done on Granny’s quilt today. I’m debating if I should keep going on it or do some data entry while watching the rest of the Oscars.

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