Day 930

Here’s something I don’t understand- limited edition dolls (or anything else really).

Yes, I know it’s a marketing technique and yes, I know how it is supposed to function… but wouldn’t it make more money for the company in an unlimited edition? Remember, please, that the company makes no money whatsoever on the secondary market so it does not matter if a limited eidition doll triples in price the first year after it’s sold out- they still only make the original price for which it sold. All those high ticket vintage Barbies? Mattel makes not one thin dime on those. They got their dollar or so in 1959 and haven’t made anything since.

The reason I’m thinking about this is a doll called Poppy Parker. She’s great- massively articulated, pretty, tons of retro 60s clothes, a boyfriend etc. And every (explicative deleted) is limited to 700 pieces- most are a lot less which means dropping lots of money to pick up something you missed initially unless you’re very lucky. It also means that Poppy Parker will never be a doll to be played with by little girls. This seems like a terrible shame since she’s so poseable and has so many great (and well made) outfits and accessories. She’s everything Barbie used to be before Mattel discovered velcro.

And for the love of Mike, why? Integrity could make more money producing more of them- the initial price is not so high that parents wouldn’t buy them if they weren’t so severely limited. The bottom would fall out of the secondary market but I don’t see why that would matter to the company.

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