Day 926

Borrowed from [info]fatfred

This is awesome!

I want one.

Yes, I am up at 3am. I went to bed at 8 last night and this is the result. And I went to bed so early because I stayed up far far too late the night before… so now my schedule is all messed up. How fortunate that it is the weekend and I can nap or whatever to get it straightened out again. The only down side to this is that, since I am up, the cats all think it’s breakfast time and I’m spending half my energy telling them that it’s still too early.

What kept me up so late was a lovely conversation with my favorite person to talk to in all the world… and to a much lesser degree, shopping for china for St Patrick’s Day and Halloween. I found the perfect accent plates for St Pat’s- problem is, I only found one of them and I need three more.

I know some of you like to visit antique/junk/resale shops- if you see one, grab it for me, would you? Replacements doesn’t even know it exists. I’m also looking for soup/cereal bowls with a black outside and an orange inside in china or ceramic.

It occurred to me that pixels have been around a lot longer than the internet or even TV. It’s what the Impressionists were on about.

I’m still working (in fits and starts) on Nancy’s sleuth outfit. Today, if I can find the time, I need to work on her sleuthing kit and colour the other saddle oxford. I wish I could find proper penny loafers! When I get this one done, I’ll have several more to post. I’d go ahead and post the ones that are together… except the sleuthing outfit has a wrist watch and it’s unbelieveably hard to put a wrist watch on a barbie doll!

Ok, off to start chores and stave off the cats for another half an hour.

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