Day 919

My kitchen is a wreck right now. Not talking the “I fed a small army and haven’t cleaned up yet” kind of wreck, oh no. We’re talking the “I’m cleaning out the junk” kind of wreck.

I don’t know about anyone else but my kitchen cabinets accumulate dishes we aren’t using and some that nobody even wants… sometimes because no one wants them. This is not a problem… until we run out of space. In the past week I have done something a bit naughty and purchased most of the dishes I want for Halloween and St Patrick’s Day- our two big holidays other than Christmas. (Yes, yes, I know. The other big ones are usually Thanksgiving and Easter… just not at my house. And just how sad is it that my version of ‘naughty’ involves buying china?)

Anyway, both sets arrived yesterday so I got busy and rearranged my cabinets… and pulled out all the dishes that we aren’t using and that I didn’t want. I got Emily to look at them and tell me which ones she wants me to pack up and put away for her and the rest are going to Ebay first and Samaratin Center if they don’t sell. But right now, all the dishes to be packed away are all over the counters- packing will commence shortly.

But, yay, new china! If I can manage the time, I’ll set the table and post pictures to Pinterest although I’m still looking for Halloween bowls and three out of four accent plates for St Patrick’s Day.

In other news, Mom’s cat has hurt herself or suffered a stroke- she’s not walking well. I’ve offered to take her to the vet four times and Mom just keeps saying no. I understand her concern- she’s afraid that they’ll want to put the cat down- but we could at least find out what’s going on!

Ok, gotta get to work- there’s a lot to do today!

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