Day 916

I’m trying to not assume that it’s going to be a bad day but so far it’s an uphill battle.

After work tonight I have to rush home and feed everybody and then go back to school for a meeting at 6:30pm. At some point in there, I have to put the garbage out. And then get us home and Emily in bed by 8pm. Tomorrow, I have to go into work at 8am instead of 10am so there’s no putting off chores of the evening to be done in the morning… I won’t have any morning to do them.

Then there’s evil-bay. I’ve found another Patrick plate… and bid on it… and have been outbid. I’ll bid again tonight but I may loose it anyway. And the two Bpals I have up for sale are ending in four hours and are still at 9.99- the original listing price. I was really hoping I might at least make back what I paid for them.

And then, last night, I had no more than gotten home when Mom called and told me that the neighbours down the street had messed up their TV again, could I go fix it? (They’re in their 90s and don’t get electronics very well.) So I had to run down there, fix the TV, run back to Mom’s and have dinner, run home and feed the cats, run back to Mom’s and feed the ferrets, dogs and her cat and stay until 8pm.

I’m cross as two sticks and I want a vacation.

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