Day 905

I’m up feeding (and medicating) the cats but I’m going back to bed as soon as I give Alex his shot.

Because this is the only day I’m going to have off before Emily gets home (at 6:30 in the morning). I’m planning to do mostly fun things today and either leave the chores (laundry, recycling etc) for tomorrow or for mornings next week. Also tomorrow, I’m going to have to take Mom to the funeral home- her Aunt Betty died. (Not an especially sad occasion- she’s been wanting to die since her husband’s death last year.) Mom may decide not to go- she doesn’t like getting out and tomorrow has almost as much chance of rain as today.

I do have to do one thing today- I have to start a chicken in the crock pot to make chicken noodle soup when Emily gets home. I’ve been hearing from her in the evenings and the first night she was all bubbly and happy- last night she was hysterical. She’s fought with her friends and wanted to come home, which can’t be done. I told her to drink coffee and calm down and get as much sleep as she could… and try and enjoy the rest of the trip. They’ll be driving home over night so she won’t have to be in close proximity with the girls she’s been rooming with… and when she gets home, I’ll try and find out what’s happened. Among other things, she didn’t wear her coat the first day, no body insisted that she do so- and she was half frozen all day in only a sweater so she’s coming home with a cold.

I won’t be able to say it to her (not for awhile) but I did tell her so.

So today, I’m going to get more sleep, watch the Hobbit (again) and hem on a (hobbit) tablecloth I want to make. There are a couple of things I’d like to go out and do but since the forecast is for 90% rain, I may opt for a quiet (really quiet!) day at home.

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