Day 899

Bother, I meant to post yesterday just for the number!

My intentions of staying off the computer in the evening did not go so well last night- I caught up on the last episode of Grimm and watched the first two episodes of Bates Motel– a prequeal to the Psycho movies, apparently. So far there are only two episodes but it looks pretty good- Freddie Highmore is playing Norman Bates at 17. (I’m really pleased that, while I think Freddie is cute, I think he’s a cute kid still.)

On the up side, I finished hemming my tablecloth while I was watching TV- on the down side, I did stay up too late. Tonight I plan to iron it (linen, you know) and mark the central embroidery pattern… perhaps even get started on it. Since it’s crewel work, it should go quickly. I haven’t done crewel in years but it’s not something you forget how to do. The plan is for a fairy ring of mushrooms in the middle and then trees in the corners with a smaller tree scene along the sides. (that’s the plan… we’ll see how much actually comes about.)

Yesterday at lunch, I had a banana. This is unusual because I don’t really like bananas. At the end of the day, I had a lot less muscle pain than I usually do… and I was less tired. Maybe I need potassium? I take a vitamin every day but that would be less bio-available than the banana… I’m going to try it again today and see what happens.

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