Friday evening, with swearing

So, I was wicked tired, have the beginnings of a cold and went to bed at 8:30.

At 9:15 my mom calls and says she can hear Bitsy under her house and she thinks she’s in trouble because she’s raising a hell of a racket.

I go over and call Bits… and she is, indeed, raising a hell of a racket under the house… and I can hear splashing.

Oh hell.

You see, there’s an old well under Mom’s laundry room- my grandparents just built the room over the old well after the new one was dug. It’s at the end of the house that’s impossible to get to because there isn’t any clearance- not enough for a grown person. Bitsy has gotten under Mom’s house and fallen down the well.

So we call Mr. Willie (our handyman) and he tries to crawl under there and get to her and can’t in spite of being tunnel rat sized. By this time she’s gone quiet and I’m thinking she’s drowned. After he comes out, I start to hear her again… and he cut part of the floor of the laundry room out, got down in there and hauled her out.

She’s had a bath, which she really didn’t like, and is currently trying to get comfortable on the sofa… and for some reason, she’s passing a lot of gas. She’s got a bit of a tummy ache- possibly from swallowing water- and is having a hard time getting comfortable. I feel sorry for her- but she does have the damnedest habit of getting into trouble.

So now it’s almost midnight, I still have to get up at 5am, I’ve gotten about 30 minutes of sleep… and Mom wants to call and discuss what to do about the well tonight. Arrgh!

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